Themes In Life Is Beautiful, By Roberto Benigni

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Life is Beautiful
‘Life is beautiful’ is an Italian movie that was released in 1997 by Roberto Benigni. The movie is about an Italian-Jewish family who were happy with their life however terror struck as they were captured and sent to a Concentration camp. In the movie Benigni have made the theme of Guido live in a fantasy world full of happiness and hope instead of realising the harsh reality. The essay will discuss about how the costumes, dialogs, and close up shots have suggested the theme.

Body 1:
The first technique that have indicated this is The Costume in ‘life is beautiful’. In the movie Guido was captured by Germans and shipped to the concentration camp. He was forced to wear a prison uniform, it had navel blue and white stripes on it, along with a jewish star and a serial number. However he have told his son Joshua
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In the movie Guido have made lots of dialogs involving the theme, when he tried to impress his future wife he have used coincidences to look like his prayers are being answered straight away. There is more to this as well, when Guido and his son was captured into the camp the Nazi forces Guido to translate the rules. However instead of saying the rules he made up silly rules about a contest he made up, all of that silliness to give hope to his son. Whenever Joshua question Guido he will just make up silly comments, the best one to this was when Joshua found out that they turn people into soap and buttons. However Guido being himself he have ease of Joshua’s mind and told him that was all a lie. When Guido and Joshua got access to the radio tower they immediately talked to his wife, telling her about she was a princess in his dream and overall just giving hope to her because in the movie she was collecting the clothes of people who have passed away. When she heard it there was a soft smile on her face and throughout the camp her face is just worries and

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