Movie Review: Life Is Beautiful By Roberto Benigni

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TITLE: "Life is Beautiful"
By Roberto Benigni
Life is a battle in a battlefield, a battle that is worth fighting for. We have a beautiful world and life, they say when we were still kids. Their smiles made us think that life is really beautiful, it's not a lie. We're innocent enough that time to know what's with their smiles and behind those smiles. Our parents, the people who'll put into our innocent mind that life is beautiful despite of what they have experienced. "Life is Beautiful", a movie that will make you realize the real meaning of life and the importance of enjoying it.
During 1930's at Arezzo, Italy , there's this young Jewish man named Guido who wants to have his own bookstore. At his way, he encountered a beautiful girl, a teacher in that city then suddenly falls in love. That beautiful girl named Dora. Dora is set to be engaged to a rich but arrogant man. So
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Dora think a bright idea just to talk or see Guido is to imitate what Guido's do in the film. She kneel down and go under the table and when they show each other Guido was wonder-struck and Dora same do with him. When they feel each other Dora kiss Guido in smooth way of kissing. After they kiss, Dora tell to Guido to take her away and she smiled. To make the story short Guido came in with the horse ride on it. He go to Dora's place to take her away. He offer his hand to ride on the horse so that they can go. While, they came out people in the party are give an applause to them. After a years, Dora and Guido has a son named Joshua a handsome boy. That's all the interesting part of the film we watch.
The moral/lesson that we should learn in the film is Life is Beautiful don't waste your time to do bad things. Life is short you must enjoy life because you will not know when do you will past in this world. Do always positive thing and think positive

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