Essay on Life And Death - Life Or Death?

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Life or Death?

My grandchildren are sitting on the floor in their room waiting for me tell a story. I head over to their room and find them filled with excitement. I smile and start to speak. "Well my grandchildren, let me tell you a story of many years ago when I have arrived in a situation of life or death. First of all, let me tell you how my life was before the situation had landed upon me," I had explained to my grandchildren. I was a young man of the taino natives. It was a normal day of survival in Hispaniola. The only mate or friend I had was a girl about my age named Heketi. Heketi was my best friend. Heketi and I used to always wander around and travel for our survival. We had clothes made of animal fur of animals that we had caught. We were barefoot and just had one spear each for protection. We mostly spent time around shore where there would be sandy surfaces, and tall trees with green leaves. We made a bed with animal fur and wood, and slept in the forest. It was the day before we wouldn 't have thought everything would change.
I woke up to a rumbling noise of what I hadn 't seen before. There were strange looking men by the shore. There were boats in the water. I was very confused as to what was happening and who was here. Heketi was still sleeping. I was hiding behind a tree observing what was happening. I saw my fellow natives being enslaved and tied up. What was happening I thought? All these strange new men, wearing silk clothing, coughing and vomiting…

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