Library Card Essay

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On a late Thursday afternoon, I thought it would be have been a nice day to go library and get some books. Being a geeky teenage girl, I love to read anything from a mystery to a good thriller. My day started off great! A big bowl of Frosted Flakes, a bright early morning and a little bit of television. Nothing could go wrong… or could it? “Oh crap, where’s my library card”.I yelled in frustration. I began to search through all my pockets and in between my father’s car seats.After fifteen minutes with no success, I turned towards my father, Oscar, with a beseeched look on my face. “Oscar, I forgot my library card at home. Can you buy me a new one?”
He sighed before turning around to face me. “No”, he bellowed. While Oscar started to shuffle
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“This is some bull”, I muttered under my breathe. I then told him that I was sorry for my rude behavior and asked him for another library card. Oscar then gave me my glasses back, turned around and starts walking towards the library with me tolling behind him. After fifteen minutes of more arguing, we finally managed to walk into the library without choking each other. Just the thought of arguing with him made me grind my teeth. The sound brought an eerie and ominous feeling to the current situation that most likely resembled the sound of nails scratching across a chalkboard. Oscar, by the look on his face, was so angry seemed appear as if he was gonna go incredible hulk on me. When entering the library I began to reminisce about the first time I walked through the library doors. The sweet lavender smell of new books, the fresh scent of febreze that graced the air. “I love this place”, I thought to myself.
I soon remembered a time where I was back at the library. “Excuse me, can I help you?”, a lady asked me,looking no younger than twenty-six. “ Do you want to get that book you’re holding in your hands?”I looked down at the book in my hands,reading the title. “ Where the Wild Things Are”... My flashback didn’t last long as the librarian soon approached my father and said with a fake sense of cheerfulness, “Sir, your daughter owes approximately ten dollars and twenty-three cents
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Me,Kaylee,and Amaya. Third place goes to... Kaylee Merser. I felt my whole body shut down. My tongue felt too big for my mouth,i sweated down my back... I knew then that I didn 't win. Why would they pick a five years old poem over an eight year short story? Anyway,what is a short story? I can’t believe I let myself do such a stupid thing like a writing contest. “ I Promise to be responsible with my belongings for now on.” I told Oscar on our way back home. Oscar didn 't listen he was up front driving, muttering to himself. I tried to give him a smile of gratitude but I was too weary. Every stop sign we passed Oscar would turn around and glare at me. The last glare he gave me I just shrug and smirked at him. When we finally got home; I got out of the car and stood before my father. “Thank you for paying the fines and getting me a new card.”, I said. He turned once to look at me and muttered a “your welcome”. I began walking toward my house bubbling with excitement for what I’m about to read. Looking back at all the events that have taken place made me think. We went through all this trouble just to get a few books. What a crazy world we live

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