Library Card : A Book And Playing With A Toy Essay

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Library Card When you ask a child to choose between a reading a book and playing with a toy, which object would be chosen the most? While growing up, I was raised by my grandparents, because my parents worked in the fields out of town most of the time growing up. I didn’t have as many toys as other children, but I sure did make the most of what possessions I did have. My grandmother had different values and raised me to live for the important things in life, rather than just toys that come and go. My grandmother believed that reading and writing should be an adventure in itself. My Grandmother, who I called Inang, always preached on how important reading was to all her grandchildren. Even though she didn’t finish school, because of an unfortunate lifestyle she lived during her childhood times, Inang and her husband, Amang (grandfather) managed to put their children through school. It was hard work for them, given that their only source of income was from their rice field, they worked so hard to bring their children to the United States, that Inang would remind us of how fortunate we are to live in this country where education is vital to success. I remember every night before we went to bed, she would tell us stories about herself growing up. How lucky we were to live here and all the education they provided us for free. She would say, “When I was attending school in the Philippines, I only had 5 pesos, and that was enough for 2 sheets of paper and a pencil.”…

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