Leawood Community Essay

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The community of Leawood, Kansas is located in the northeast region of Johnson County. Leawood, being the established and sophisticated community it is today was first owned by a retired police officer, Oscar G. Lee. In 1922, Lee purchased land that started the foundation of Leawood consisting of the streets of 79th, 103rd, Stateline and Blinder Road. Then in 1948, with the help of the Kroh brothers establishing the housing development, Leawood became an incorporated city. Today, Leawood is a community full of many schools, businesses and beautiful suburban areas. Leawood, being the 13th most populated city in Kansas, has a current population of 34,579 people. The city consists predominantly of Caucasian ethnicity (90.8%) as well as African …show more content…
While performing a windshield on Saturday November 5th, 2016 at 10:00am I found many people out running, walking, and riding bikes. many members of the community out being active indicates that health is a big priority. Other observations were made at the cleanliness and perfection of the neighborhoods; no pollution or trash was seen on the streets.
The second observatory drive around the Leawood community was done around 5 o’clock on Wednesday November 9th. At this time many members of the community were driving home from work, going into the grocery store and restaurants. There were also many people our exercising and found many people playing with their children while driving through Leawood City, Park. Based on both observation days, Leawood is a more active community than most. People are happy to be active and outside and treat their environment in which they live in with great respect and appreciation.
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However, there are a variety of outpatient clinics, family practices and independent doctor offices located throughout the community. As well as dentists, medical spas, rehab facilities and specialty medical offices such as dermatology. There are 100+ primary care doctors available in a variety of facilities catering to adults and pediatrics throughout the community. Other health care facilities located in the area include independent, assisted and retirement living homes.
Although are no found specific social service agencies located in Leawood however both the main hospital and the retirement homes offer social services within their facility. There are also social service agencies located in the cities surrounding Leawood which are easily assessable. A gap in service would be not having a major hospital to serve to all members of the community 24 hours a day. There are minor urgent care clinics such as CVS minute clinic and Optimum clinic but they do not offer services 24/7. However, many hospitals are located in Overland Park, which surrounds the Leawood area that provide 24/7 in the case of urgent

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