Learning Extension Project Create A Product Essay

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Learning Extension Project-Create a Product

“If students learn better on their feet…then let’s get them out of their seat!” (Lengel, 2010, p. I) Educational research proves that using movement in teaching not only enhances curriculum, but more importantly engages student learning, stimulates the brain for learning, and improves brain function. Movement allows students to refocus and helps strengthen their ability to pay attention. Students and teachers are both responsible to maintain focus on a task. Teachers are responsible for creating a learning environment rich in engagement and motivation and students have the responsibility to develop strategies to help themselves stay focused and on task. It is critical that teachers look for signs that their students are losing focus and immediately incorporate activities so they can move, refocus and fuel their brain so they can become actively engaged in the learning process.
“The brain is a dynamic, opportunistic, pattern-forming, self-organized system of systems. “ (Jensen, 2005, p. 13) This is important for teachers to keep in mind because it shows that every student in the classroom has the capability for change—even the most exasperating student. By incorporating movement into lessons on a daily basis will change many things within the classroom environment and the motivational levels of students for the better. The following are six purposes of movement to help maintain focus in the classroom especially those…

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