Describe Three Strategies To Keep In Mind For Safely Exercising In Hot Weather Essay

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Module 2 Chapter Questions

Directions: answer each question in paragraph form IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do NOT copy material directly from the text! Proper spelling/grammar and complete sentences are expected. This assignment must be submitted via the dropbox on or before 11:59 pm on the calendar due date. Do your best, not the minimum!1. 1.

1. Describe three strategies to keep in mind for safely exercising in hot weather. Also describe appropriate fluid consumption; why is this even MORE important when working with children and adolescents? Give a rationale for your answer. (3 pt)

Exercising in hot weather is very risky when our bodies are exposed to soaring hot temperatures for an exceeded amount of time. One thing you can do is make sure you are using a sunscreen when you are in hot weather. You can also make sure that your
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You can take breaks around every 20 minutes, and drink about 8 to 10 ounces of water. Wearing thin and lose clothing, or even exercising early in the morning or when the sun set can be helpful from being exposed to hot weather. When working with children and adolescents you must take in consideration that they are less heat tolerant and their bodies can become over heated faster, causing hyperthermia. You should always use sunscreen on children to prevent sun buns. Children should drink plenty of water periodically while engaged in hot weather activities and taking breaks every 10 minutes and consuming water.

2. The American Heart Association has an online fitness center called 'My Start! ' Go to and find

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