Fully Describe The Overall Concept Of Homeland Security And Homeland Security

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Drawing upon resource material provided and that discovered while conducting your own research, students are expected to develop a written essay of 4-5 pages total (not including title page and reference list) to fully provide the requested information regarding the following two topics (both must be addressed):

Topic 1: Fully describe the overall concepts of homeland security and homeland defense. Construct a response that provides the following related to both homeland security and homeland defense:
• Primary missions, tasks, duties, responsibilities, operations, etc. for each broad initiative.
• Resources needed/utilized to address them
• Highlight those responsibilities and efforts that are shared between the two
• Lastly, provide your
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The Commander in Chief is also a position we all now as the President of The United States (POTUS). Many may not know the importance and knowledge of running the country and what it takes to protect the homeland, the amount of departments that we have to protect the homeland and what each agency does. There are many departments that the president oversee, with the advisement of department secretaries. These departments within our government, such as homeland Security and homeland defense, are one in the same that works hand and had, but they differ from the department of defense, but they all play a major role when you combine the three into working as one. There are also many agencies and private sectors that make up the protection of the homeland and the support of the country, the President and the sitting secretaries. The department of Homeland was a department organized after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The homeland defense has many roles, and I know bringing them together will help us further understand about each department. The primary mission, task and responsibility, how resources are used to accomplish these task and the relationship that the homeland security and defense share is how we will come to know and understand the reason for the start and continued function of this department with …show more content…
To ensure our safety under the national security, we had to have partnership trust within our state, federal and local agencies. This made sharing information effective, that’s why we focus on the post 9-11 threat environment. To support preparedness efforts, there’re many of governmental, commercial, and non-governmental organizations that provide officials with homeland security alerts and updates along with state level government have fusion centers that integrate and analyze homeland security information. “The 9/11 terrorist attacks focused public attention on the need for better information sharing among intelligence, law enforcement, and emergency management agencies” (example 2016). The 9/11 Commission was a direct result in the agencies providing incentives for sharing, to restore a better balance between shared task, knowledge and security. Former President Bush was the one who required federal agencies to develop and implement policies and systems that are set in place to enhance sharing information, by issuing several executive orders. Information sharing is the number one key to how the resources are used to accomplish task. There are many agencies set into place to protect the homeland also, we have community policing that assist in accomplishing the task and working with homeland

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