Learning Climate Stimuli Caloric Intake Among Students While Studying

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A 2013 study by Magaraggia, Dimmock, and Jackson observed the effect of controlled versus autonomous learning choices and whether eating a snack during a controlled choice learning activity could enhance performance on a self-regulation chore. The participants are randomly assigned to one of the three groups: “a controlled choice learning condition in which food is provided, a controlled choice learning condition in which food was not provided, or an autonomous choice learning condition in which food was provided”. I will begin by describing the study that my group tried to replicate and analyze the results of both the study and the replicated study.
The experiment’s objective is to examine whether learning climate stimuli caloric intake among students while studying. 60 students were recruited to participate in the experiment (nmale = 32, nfemale = 25, 3 did not declare, Mage = 20.97, SD = 2.89). As the participants arrived they were given a consent form to sign and a demographic information to fill out. After the demographic information, the participants prepared for the first task which involved them studying a chapter from a book for 10 minutes. However, before reading some participants are offered an optional snack depending on whether participants were assigned to the autonomous-choice-and-food, controlled-choice-and-food, or controlled-choice-no-food condition. The autonomous and controlled-choice-and-food groups had 200 g of red jellybeans placed at the work station…

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