Leadership Styles Questionnaire: Authoritarian, Democratic, And Laissez-Faire

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The 3 leadership styles identified in Leadership styles Questionnaire were authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire. Authoritarian leadership style, “Because my workers are lazy, I need to tell them what to do.” A tactic at which a leader controls all aspects of a group, and determines projects and tasks subordinates would carry out. Democratic leadership style is a style that a leader works with the subordinates in collaborating with ideas and treating everyone has equals. Laissez-faire leadership style is a “hands-off, let it ride,” approach were the subordinates are recognized but are free to do as they please (Northouse.)
As previously mentioned, the authoritarian style of leadership is described as a person who wants to have control over their subordinates and the tasks assigned. With that said, I believe structure and organization of a group of individuals can work for some and not others. Personally, I have had effective experiences in leading group projects while using this style.
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One would say that it is a “non leadership” because of the lack guidelines or tasks. According to the text of Introduction to leadership: concepts and practices it, “produces primarily negative outcomes”(Northouse.) This style of leadership can work for creative minds that want complete freedom. With that said, it is displayed in a Netflix series show called House of Cards. House of cards is a show about politics in Washington, D.C. and one episode in particular is about a journalist and her new job at a up-and-coming company that gives her complete freedom to write freely. I believe this style of leadership can allow others to express their opinion freely however it is not for everyone. On the Leadership Style Questionnaire, I scored moderate on laissez-faire style, I disagree with the results for this score because I am a hands on leader who prefers a structure to be more effective in circadian

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