Essay about Leadership Styles : Leadership Style

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The 3 leadership styles identified in Leadership styles Questionnaire were authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire. Authoritarian leadership style, “Because my workers are lazy, I need to tell them what to do.” A tactic at which a leader controls all aspects of a group, and determines projects and tasks subordinates would carry out. Democratic leadership style is a style that a leader works with the subordinates in collaborating with ideas and treating everyone has equals. Laissez-faire leadership style is a “hands-off, let it ride,” approach were the subordinates are recognized but are free to do as they please (Northouse.)
As previously mentioned, the authoritarian style of leadership is described as a person who wants to have control over their subordinates and the tasks assigned. With that said, I believe structure and organization of a group of individuals can work for some and not others. Personally, I have had effective experiences in leading group projects while using this style. Specifically in my business communication class were each group was made up of 10 individuals with 10 different schedules. I had come to find that setting a structure of a group and assigning task to individuals to be the most effective in accomplishing the assignments. In doing so, there were no questions on who was completing what assignment and helped in time management of getting each task done. In spite of setting a structure, I did not believe that my classmates were “lazy”…

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