Leadership Qualities And Qualities Of A Leader Essay

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Leadership Qualities/Style

As identified by the Kouzes and Posners five practices of exemplary leadership S-LPI test, my top five behaviors were: set a personal example, actively listen to diverse viewpoints, follow through on promises, treat others with respect, and express appreciation for people 's contributions. These top five results are all leadership qualities I value and envision in a leader. To reiterate from my S-LPI and Strengths Reflection and Analysis here is why I feel those qualities are important: 1. I feel that setting a personal example is such an important part of being a leader. The group watches your behavior and if you are a leader who puts in the time and effort to get things done, or help others, then I believe your followers will mirror that behavior. 2. Being able to actively listen to diverse viewpoints is important because it promotes creativity and change, which I believe is necessary to keep things relevant. 3. Following through on promises as a leader is what builds trust and a rapport with your members’. They are willing to work hard because they know you will fulfill a promise that rewards their efforts. 4. Treating each member with respect is the best way to receive respect as a leader. 5. Finally, as a leader you have to acknowledge your members efforts, and contributions. This stimulates a member’s intrinsic motivation to do well, and ensures that they do not become burned out from lack of appreciation for their…

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