What Makes A Good Leader Essay

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1. What makes a good leader and why?
The making of a good leader is a subject that has been explored, researched worldwide for thousands of years. As a result, there is a plethora of information available to scholars studying the topic of what makes a good leader. Some of which research is rather subjective, however there is a common denominator of intrinsic characteristics that make a good leader. The authors of our required reading have done a fantastic job gathering and placing them into ten distinct truths of what makes a good leader. I am going to list the ten fundamental areas of what makes a good leader and explain why.

1. In order to be a good leader, a person who has this desire needs to truly believe wholeheartedly that they will
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Effective leaders need to trust the people they put in place to make things happen. Ronald Regan had a great way of looking at trusting others in order to create strong alliances around the world. President Reagan coined the term “You must trust, but you must also verify”. This is such a true statement, because trust although important in leadership is also abused if not verified.
7. Conquering big challenges with solid determination are very important for leaders to be taken seriously. For many people change is hard, however if the leader clearly defines the goal of the change and digs in with his team to make it happen, his or her tenacity will show strong leadership.
8. Lead by example or don’t lead at all, is in my opinion the most important leadership trait that makes good leaders fantastic. When a leader is not willing to do what he is demanding of his followers, his credibility as a leader is destroyed. General Patton in World War II was a perfect example of this leadership characteristic. His troops would do anything he asked them to, simply because he had the courage to be in the front enemy lines with the men who served under his
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I think first, we need to look at the students. Our students come from all walks of life and very diverse backgrounds. Some have good role models in their lives and some have horrible role models that have been forming their personalities and ideologies. As leaders in the CTE community, it is our responsibility to lead by example to our students so that they have hope and realize the boundless opportunities that are possible. For the small amount of time you have them in your classroom, let these young adults they are important to their own success and they are not entitled to nothing. If they want to change their situation, as leaders we can provide the tools to do so. When a student decides to take enroll in a CTE program, they are essentially telling me that they are not that excited with standard classroom learning and want to enter or at least learn about a career field that we offer in the CTE arena. Secondly, it is important to promote CTE to the community as a better alternative than traditional college, by presenting the success stories of the graduates. As a leader in the CTE community, our responsibility to be extraordinary leaders is

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