Reflective Essay: I Am A Good Leader

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1. I am a leader

4 (agree) - I think that I could always grow as a leader. However, through leadership education, I have learned a lot. I think that I can use my education to be an effective leader in the future. Next summer, I will be an operations manager at Bausch and Lomb. I cannot wait to use my leadership education to work with others. I believe that I am a good leader and that I will be able to effectively lead people in the future.

2. I see myself as a leader

5 (strongly agree)- I like to see myself as a good leader. One of my favorite types of leadership is servant leadership. I think that it is the most important leadership approach that I have learned this semester. I have tried to demonstrate effective servant leadership when
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However, I do not think that all leaders identify themselves as a leader. In order to be a leader, followers have to identify you as such. If you walk around telling people that you are a leader, it does not mean that you actually are. A leader must have the respect of their followers in order to be identified as a leader. Thus, I would not describe myself as a leader to others. While I believe that others respect my leadership, especially within group projects, I do not tell them that I am a leader. It is up to others to identify myself as a leader. It is not up to me to tell people that I am a leader. I do not believe that that would be an effective leadership …show more content…
During group projects, I have a tendency to make sure that all the work that needs to be done gets done. I also like to make sure that everyone is okay with the work that I have done. This is much easier when others view me as a leader. I know that they are respectful of my input and believe that it is good enough to achieve our common goal. When others view me as a leader, it is easier for me to get work done because I think less about what others think and accomplish what needs to be done.
Skills, knowledge and/or abilities I still need

One of the things that I still need to work on is learning to cope with leaders from other cultures. I think that it takes a lot of work and education. To exemplify this, I need to work on respecting power distances. In the United States, we have a relatively low power distance. We encourage participative management. However, in other cultures, this could be very offensive. Understanding leaders from different cultures takes a lot of patience.

Another thing that I could work on is my team leadership. I have a tendency to not rely on teammates. I want to get things done in the ways that I believe to be the "right" way. I need to learn to trust others more and know that my way is not always the right way. I would be a much better leader if I could learn to let others do their own work and know that it will be of the quality that I desire.
Three Actionable Steps

1. Let others do the

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