Succession Planning Essay

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Succession Planning
Finding talent people is not as difficult as finding the right people. Most successful candidate for top level of management undergo the succession planning. It is the plan to build the next generation of leader. The main concern of human resource of a company without leadership is the succession. They cannot build people when they are at risk of leaving the company once they find a better working environment. Furthermore, the company do not fully understand the specific skill to train those talent people to become the top person. The CEO may be reluctant to hand over his knowledge and working technique to the potential people. Thus, the company is forced to recruit outside talent yet lack of insight knowledge of the company
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(2014, September 3)

What is leadership pipeline?
Leadership pipeline is a management tool used to develop leadership skill in the organization from stage one to stage six base on three attributes such as time, value, and skill.
Why the organization need leadership pipeline?
Currently, each organization is in need of staffs with leadership skill who are dynamics and creative. Because international technology always changes, and customers want the products or services which is cost effective, yet high quality in the competition market. Moreover, if the HR recruit new staffs with leadership skill from outside, they will face the problems such as they do not know about nature of business and they are not fit to organization’s culture. As a result, they need to spend time to train those new staffs.
Therefore, in order to take care about the organization’s long term going concern, we need to develop leadership pipeline from passage one to six.
Each passage is classified by three factors:
1. skill requirements
2. time applications
3. work values

VI. Leadership Pipeline and its
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In order to achieve this objective, HR must develop a method to build leaders. This method known as “Leadership Pipeline” is a management tool used to identify where leaders are landing on and the necessary actions to push them to the next step of leaders. This model, which was referred to as Critical Career Crossroad, was originally discovered in the early of 1970s by Walter Mahler, a highly acclaimed human resource consultant and teacher at General Electric. He believed that a leader is built as opposed to the proposition that leader is born. Thus, there is possibility to move individual contributor to a high level of leader, enterprising manager. Leadership pipeline classifies the types of leader transition into skill requirements, time application, and work value. There are six passage in the pipeline from the bottom to top of the line, which are from managing self to managing others, from managing others to managing managers, from managing managers to functional managers, from functional managers to business managers, from business managers to group managers, and from group managers to enterprise

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