Healthcare Succession Planning : An Integrative Review Essay

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Carriere, B. K. MN, RN; Muise, M. BA, MA; Cummings, G. PhD, RN; Newburn-Cook, C. PhD, RN. Healthcare Succession Planning: An Integrative Review. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 39(12), 548-555.

Carriere, Muise, Cummings, and Newburn-Cook used an integrative review of succession planning in healthcare to identify consistencies in approaches and strategies for succession planning for chief nursing officers and healthcare managers. Articles were then compared with successful business succession planning strategies to determine if the healthcare strategies were similar to those used in business. The purpose of this paper was to provide those chief nursing officers and healthcare managers with the findings and results to help them plan their succession planning, as there is very little research already conducted on this topic. The findings and results for this paper showed that a total of 1,419 titles and abstracts were reviewed and that 122 met the inclusion criteria. These titles showed that succession planning models used in healthcare were comparable to those used in business succession planning. They stressed having a candidacy development plan and an evaluation process to make sure that succession planning is in place, as this is a very important way of developing new leaders in healthcare.

Cole, S., Harbour, C. Succession Planning Activities at a Rural Public Health Department. The Qualitative Report 20(1), 148-164.
Cole and…

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