Essay on Leadership Is The Ability Of Followers Trust

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Leadership is the ability to obtain followers. Commitment will follow your leadership as you climb up the ladder your commitment will rise as well. People do not want to be managed they want to be led. There are many principles that will represent a great leader and help an individual obtain the followers trust. The principles mentioned in this book are influence, priorities, integrity, positive change, problem solving, positive attitude, attitude, vision, self-discipline, and staff development. These ten principles will achieve an individual the needed followers to become a leader.
The book starts off by talking about the how influence takes a big part of the definition of leadership. There are five level of leadership: position, permission, production, people development, and personhood. The position entry level is usually obtained by a title or a position. In this level you will know your job description, consistent excellence, and do more than expected. Permissions is when you focus on people development and you interact with your heart and not you head. You will experience genuine love for people, will try to achieve win-win situation, and make those who work with you successful. Production is when you notice profit increase and turnover is low. At this level you will have the ability to empower others. You will be a valuable asset to the team, learn to attract other winners, developing others and leadership effort to your top 20 percent. Lastly, Personhood is…

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