Laser Making It For A Championship Basketball Game Essay

1889 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Imaging making it to a championship basketball game, a desire you have has since you could dribble a basketball. The starting 6’0” center for your high school team, leading scorer and rebounder for the third year in a row. You are nervous and excited all at the same time and as you line up you get a good look at your opponent, you are speechless as you look up viewing this 6’3” masculine built female. You are in shock and awe, wondering how you are going to be able to do anything with the ball while this person is towering over you. You proceed with the game and the entire time you are trying to figure out how to stop this Goliath of an opponent from scoring and rebounding will little success. Frustration sets in and you now cannot play to your potential and your teams loses the game. The game is over and you congratulate the other team for a job well done, but inside you are still feeling angry, hurt and frustrated that you could not perform the way you needed to get your team the win that you all aspired for. After all is said and done you find out later that the person you were told to defend was not biologically a female, but a male who had made the decision to become a female. Now many more thoughts go through your head as you are thinking, “that is not fair,” or “that’s not right, no wonder I was not able to defend this ‘woman’ as ‘she’ had the height and muscular advantage over me.” This brings us to the question, “Should transgender women be allowed to…

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