Kinesthetic Approach In Nursing

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Register to read the introduction… This would mean that I would lean towards teaching people by having them understand bodily. This is not always the correct way for all people to understand, but it does allow for a mutimodular approach. Tactile understanding is necessary when it comes to many activities in health. This is only one part of completely understanding. Not everyone is able to understand by kinesthetic means and not everyone needs to. In teaching it is important to include every way so that everyone being taught can understand. This means including Visual, Auditory Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. This mutimodular approach is the best option while teaching and allows for the most understanding from the most people. The best form of understanding is being able to look at something from all directions. In health we want the best understanding possible and this is made into reality by teaching all of the methods, not just one. This propensity to learn in only one way …show more content…
Every person learns differently and we need to accommodate this so that we can be effective in health care. This means including all methods to teach. For example this would mean being able to communicate the topic well for the auditory learners, show a graph for the visual learners and do a project for the kinesthetic learners (UVU | Kinesthetic Learning Style | Learning Styles | Home, n.d.). It is hard to touch all of the ways of learning but as a teacher it is necessary to help all of you students learn as much as you can. In the health care field understanding is key to having better patient outcomes and comprehension of new knowledge. Combining all of these methods of learning encourages education and determines our ability to completely understand (Kinesthetic Learning: Moving Toward a New Model for Education,

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