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Case Summary
The “Killer Coke” case revolves around to brutal murders of union leaders in a bottling plant in Colombia and the corporate responsibility of the Coca-Cola Company. The Killer Coke movement alleges that the Coca-Cola Company directed or was implicitly involved in the killings to ensure that unions were broken in the Colombian plants. The obvious legal ramifications are that contract killings took place at the plant. The more subtle ethical issue is even if Coca-Cola didn’t explicitly order the killings, did they knowingly ignore the grave working conditions that faced the people working in their plant. Ray Roger’s is leads a movement against Coca-Cola, calling for a ban of all
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If they allowed the intimidation of their employees for financial gains, that would not only be illegal but an atrocity to ethics most cultures and countries. However, it must be noted that while murder is rarely justifiable, outside research shows that the counter allegations from the Kirby’s were that the two victims in this case were members of the guerilla organization and may have been killed for reasons other than union ties.

There are multiple organizations at work in this case who hold their share of the allegations and blame for these murders. The parent company, Coca-Cola, while found to be legally free of blame, certainly had cause on an ethical basis to do more. Coke’s position has always been one to deny culpability and fight off the lawsuits pending. While the costs may have been greater, they should have done more to investigate the killings and to provide safety and security to the employees. Coke stood behind their commitment to high ethical standards, but it appeared that they didn’t hold their subsidiaries to the same level. Again, while not implicitly involved, Coca-Cola was certainly aware of working conditions in their bottling plants and were made very aware of these murders through the movement and yet they chose to take a hands off approach rather than helping to correct the issues found at their bottling plants in Colombia.

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