Essay on Kids Should Be Mature By The Time They Are Teens

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People say that kids should be mature by the time they are teens. The A&P story about a grocery store employer, Sammy, a 19-year-old boy who decides to quit his job in protest of how the store manager treated three girls in a swimsuit make you wonder when to expect teens to act mature. One of the consequences that Sammy may face for quitting his job all of a sudden is not being able to get another job due to the reference from the job he just quit and a future employer to believe he will suddenly quit as well. From this point on I expect Sammy to learn from his personal experience with the store manager and begin his journey on the road to maturity. All teens, like Sammy, mature when learning from his own personal experiences.
It takes a while for everyone, including Sammy to get on the road to maturity because of the diversity in personal experiences. Lengel, the store manager, explains Sammy that he should not quit his job because he will regret his decision later and that his quitting will disappoint his parents. But instead, Sammy stands up for himself and tells Lengel that the way he approached the girls embarrassed him. While quitting his job Sammy is making a statement in favor of the girls’ right to be themselves. When Sammy is walking away, he turns back around to Lengel checking groceries and realizes himself how hard the world is going to be with him hereafter. As I was growing up, I was a military brat and still am. My father has been in the military for 25…

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