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Is Jose Mourinho the greatest football coach of all time?

During his first press conference after being appointed head coach at Chelsea Football Club Mourinho said, "Please don't call me arrogant.. but I think I am a special one." Since that press conference, the media has called him arrogant many times but he has also convinced them that he is the greatest football coach in history. Mourinho is the only coach in Europe that has worked his way up to a coaching position, he has coached five of the most important clubs in European Football, and he's won more trophies in one decade than any other coach in history.

Throughout football's history, all of the best coaches have been former professional players. It is very common for a football legend to be offered a head coaching position upon retirement. Unlike every other football coach, Jose Mourinho was never a professional football player and earned his title through a lot of hard work. As a young adult, he realized that he would never become a professional football player; so he made up his mind to become a professional coach. Young Mourinho began his venture toward becoming a head coach as an interpreter for Sir Bobby Robson at Football Club Barcelona. Mourinho spent ten long years learning from Sir Bobby Robson before he finally became a head coach himself.
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Since Benfica, Mourinho has coached five of the most important football clubs in the world. FC Porto, Chelsea FC, International de Milan, and Real Madrid. All five clubs are among the top ten most successful clubs in the world. It is a requirement to have coached at an important club in Europe to be considered one of the best coaches in football history and Mourinho has been at the helm of a hand full of …show more content…
In a mere ten years, Mourinho has won a Europa League trophy, two UEFA Champions League trophies, four individual coaching awards, five league trophies, and nine domestic cup trophies. Furthermore, he has the unique distinction of being the only coach in football history to win two consecutive Trebles with two different clubs. Although Mourinho has proved that he is the best coach of all time, there are a lot of football fans who prefer Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson is Club Manchester United's legendary head coach. He has been in command of Manchester United for twenty five years. Ferguson's achievements include one domestic cup, one Treble, two UEFA Champions League trophies, and five league titles. However, it took Ferguson over thirty years to achieve what Mourinho earned in ten years.

Mourinho is the greatest football coach of all time. The fact that he is the only professional coach who was not a professional footballer is a big accomplishment alone. He's also been in charge of five of the most important clubs in the world and he has won more trophies in a decade than any other coach in football history. Mourinho has set the bar very high for football coaches everywhere.

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