Cleveland Browns Research Paper

NFL football is one of America’s favorite past times. Every Sunday in the fall millions of fans pile into stadiums across the country to with hope that their team has a successful season, and can hopefully go all the way and reach the Super Bowl. Cleveland Browns fans hope for this every year, but are let down again and again.
At the time of writing this essay the Cleveland Browns are 0-12 and are well on their way to being winless. If they can’t manage to win a game they will be only the second team in NFL history to go 0-16 in a single season.(Gardner) How can they turn this franchise around and be competitive again? Well to answer that you have to know a little bit about the history of the Browns.
In 1996 the owner of the Cleveland Browns,
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Since coming back to the NFL in 1999 the Browns have had a staggering nine head coaches. None of these coaches managed to accomplish much with the Browns, and only one had a winning season(Year by Year Results). The head coaches the Browns have brought on in the past few years have also been inexperienced .With the exception of the current Browns head coach Hue Jackson, the past three Browns head coaches have had absolutely no previous head coaching experience at the NFL level or at the Collegiate level before becoming the head coach of the …show more content…
If they can draft well they can set themselves up for years to come. The majority of the first round picks that the Browns have drafted that are no longer on the team had or serious problems leading up to the draft. For example Johnny Manziel was known to be a excessive partier and alcoholic and they took a chance on him anyway. Brandon Weeden was 28 years old when he was drafted(McManamon, “Browns cut QBs”), to put that into perspective the average age of a NFL draftee is 23.1 years(Stuart). You could go on and on about the problems these guys have had, but what the Browns need to do is simply draft smarter. In a lot of ways the Browns have already started to do this. They are starting to trade down from high positions in the draft to acquire more draft picks, and draft players that are less risky. A good example of this is the trade they did with the Eagles last year where the Browns traded down from their second pick in the draft to acquire five picks(Sheridan). Perhaps the most recent example of a team drafting safe and becoming successful because of it would the Oakland Raiders. In 2014 there were a ton of great Quarterbacks coming out of college, instead of trading up to grab one of the Quarterbacks that was projected to go in the first round, they stayed put in the second round and drafted Derek Carr(Gutierrez). Carr has become

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