Terry Bradshaw Characteristics

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There have been legends that played the NFL, but none are not like the great Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw was the most “prolific”(Fox) quarterbacks in NFL history. Considered to be the most Valuable player in his time rushed “444 times for 2,257 yards and scoring over 32 touchdowns” (news RSS) single handedly in his first year, he was “also named all-pro and all-afc in 1978” (News RSS). Terry bradshaw has four super bowls that he has won during his career and he has passed over “27,989 yards”(HOF Terry bradshaw ) total in his career. Terry Bradshaw has done so much during his NFL career and even after his career that are amazing and some things he has done have never been seen before in NFL history.
In his college
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In the “1970” The recently graduated senior, Terry Bradshaw was the first player selected by the “National Football League Draft”(News RSS). Drafted by the Pittsburgh steelers, and their first pick in the 1970 draft. It was hard on young Bradshaw to adjust to the NFL lifestyle, he struggled with the his new team the first year of playing for the team, some players made fun of him about how how smart he was saying he was “dumb and they even called him the Bayou Bumpkin”(biography). Terry struggled with this, but showed them that he had what it takes during the “1974 season” (biography) where he shocked many opposing teams and critics and showed that he “wasn’t the man that should be reckoned with” (biography). People expected a lot from young Terry Bradshaw, they knew what he could do and they believed that he was destined for greatness before his first year in the NFL. …show more content…
Terry Bradshaw leads the steelers to three other super bowls championships, in the year after his rookie year, 1975 against the Minnesota Viking, in 1978 against the Dallas Cowboys , and even in the year after in 1979 against the Dallas Cowboys again. bradshaw did amazing things in the years the steelers won their super bowls, Terry had a talent that was quite useful for the Steelers offense that usually insured they win, Bradshaw always would clutch on the fourth down and most of the time he is successful and he even gets a pass that gets a touchdown that wins the game. in Bradshaw’s whole NFL career “he has completed 2,025 of 3,901 passes for an outstanding 28,000 yards and over 212 touchdowns and he also rushed for 444 times with a total over 2,257 yards and 32 touchdowns”(News RSS). Terry Bradshaw in 1989 was admitted to the NFL hall of fame because of his outstanding career with the Steelers. Bradshaw has also won many other things during his football career such as him being named the “NFL’s MVP”(News RSS) by the press in 1978, he has also been named “All-Pro and All-AFC that year as well”(News RSS). Terry Bradshaw was an amazing quarterback, what many people and press said about him during his time. He has done more his rookie year than any other player has done in half of their own career. During his career Bradshaw had good times and he also had bad time. Bradshaw has had arm problems for a while as

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