Tom Brady Research Paper

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Tom Brady’s Life in the NFL
One of the big names of the National Football League, and the biggest face of the New England Patriots organization, is Tom Brady. Brady, whom is one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks is commonly recognized in a lot of different ways. The many mixed emotions about Brady oppose to his abilities on the field, are a concern to many, and amazing to the others. He is pointed at as the greatest quarterback of all time, a cheater, a cry baby, a celebrity, and a role model for many. In my eyes, he is hands down the greatest quarterback to ever touch a football field. In this paper, I will validate my point by comparing and contrasting four games without Tom, and four games with him from the current 2016 season. In the 2015 AFC Championship, the New England Patriots went on to battle the Indianapolis Colts, to win the conference championship, and would go on to win the super bowl. In that game, a Colts player had a concern about a Patriots football after intercepting one of Tom Brady’s passes. That concern was the air pressure in the ball. It turned out, after further investigation after the game, the ball was in fact deflated. The concern from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, was that Brady played a big role in that. The reasoning behind that, a deflated ball however is easier to catch in cold weather.
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He is a two time MVP winner, and holds many other records. Tom Brady is one of the most popular football players ever. You either love him, or hate him. After the 2011 AFC Championship New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick went on to say, “There’s no other quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady. He’s the best. He does so much for us in so many ways on so many different levels. I’m really fortunate that he’s our quarterback and for what he’s able to do for this team. It’s good to win with him and the rest of our

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