Tom Brady Scandal Analysis

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Tom Brady, a prominent quarterback for the New England Patriots, is one of the National Football League’s (NFL) greatest quarterbacks to have ever played. He excelled in both Football and Baseball, and gave up the opportunity to play professional baseball and attended the University of Michigan instead. Tom Brady led his team to an Orange Bowl victory and set himself up to be selected in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. A year later, after the starting quarterback for the Patriots was injured, Tom Brady stepped up to win 11 of the 14 games he played, and secured a win in the Super Bowl XXXVI and was later named Most Valuable Player.
Scandal Summary:
On January 18, 2015 the patriots were playing the Indianapolis Colts for the American
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In the article “Judge nullifies Tom Brady 's DeflateGate suspension” by James Brady the author chooses to use the information “One thing that the judge took issue with was the fact that the NFL refused to let the league 's chief attorney, Jeff Pash, testify at Brady 's appeal, something Judge Richard Berman seemed to take issue with over the course of the hearing this month.” (Brady 1)The purpose the author did was to inform the public of what is happening right now and the next steps in the process of seeing if Tom Brady is guilty or not. If the choose to he would be able to persuade the public opinion on the case. Using the facts he would be able to inform the public on the information he only chose to show the …show more content…
There is no difference between a celebrity and my brother, because we are both humans who have difficulties and triumphs in their lives. Celebrities however get national attention whenever they get in trouble with the law or something riveting happens to their life. According to the ABC News Article, “The Psychology of Celebrity Worship” by Margaret Farley Steele and HealthDay reporter, it explains that that because humans are such social animals, we will often revert to follow celebrities when they feel “disconnected”. When scandals occur in the NFL and elsewhere sports, many sport enthusiasts will often track every little thing that happens to the team and their athletes to have a sense of attachment when they feel isolated the most (Steele, HealthDay). Weather or not if you agree that worshiping celebrities is acceptable, do not be too quick to judge because many get a sense of importance when they might feel detached the

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