What Is Johnny Walker's Advertising Strategy

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Johnny Walker started to product and to sell whisky in Scotland, and after few years with the arrival of Alexander at the helm of the company, in the short time it expanded to foreign markets, taking advantage of special contracts with several naval captains. The distribution was widespread and carefully curated from the beginning of the twentieth century. Johnnie Walker divided the market in 3 categories: mature , developing or emerging .In mature market it has got a strong retail power but there are high investments required 
for advertising and other
promotional activities. In developing and emerging markets there is an increasing competition due by the fact that there were new spirits, wines or champagne drinks, and also high duties and sceptical consumers without forgetting an unstable economy. Parallel with its geographic expansion, there was an extension of the range of products. Each product has got a different meaning: heritage, quality, taste or something for everyone. To emphasize the characteristics of each Johnnie Walker’s product, it has got an own …show more content…
The brand in this campaign is shown as successful thanks the two foundations of success: heritage and tradition. The successful of this campaign can be recognize by the fact that Johnnie Walker did not sell only a product but share its values with the consumers, and these are the same value in which its consumers believe. To do this, before the creation of the advertisement, the company interviewed some consumers, asking: “What is success? What is progress?”. From that is born the campaign that showed a young man involved in courageous activities, or significant moments of his life to address in particular the male audience. The principal meaning of this campaign is that the success is a constant self-improvement process and a material

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