JJT2 Social Responsibility Task 1 WGU Essay

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Social Responsibility and
Sustainable Business Practices
20 June 2014

Businesses, specifically larger corporations, play a major role in what occurs in society therefore, they are responsible to their stakeholders not only to pursue economic goals but the greater social good as well. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means that a corporation should act in a way that enhances society and its inhabitants and be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities, and their environment. (Lawrence, 2010). Social responsibility is becoming the norm so much so that some businesses have incorporated it into their business model. There are three components of the bottom line of social
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Not only will this save money in utility billing, but also extend the life of the machines. When purchasing new pieces, parts, and machines, I also recommend looking for energy star equipment that uses less energy when it is running.

Waste Management. I recommend the company implement better plans on waste prevention such as utilizing the electronics we have to manage records instead of printing hard copies. Some of the older generation employees like to have a backup paper copy of items and are not held accountable to the paper reduction policies in place. Preventing excess printing results in cost savings for the company in paper and ink. A recycling and composting plan should be set in place by the company. The waste company provides free recycle and compost containers. NDC simply needs to implement and plan and educate employees on when and how to recycle and composting when appropriate. Employees should be encouraged to use recyclable paper, glass, and metals for meals, dishes, and utensils instead of Styrofoam plates for example. Recycling and composting is free and will scale down the amount of actual waste is used by the company. This essential results in cost savings to the company as well. In addition to the benefits to the company, the efforts of less disposables diminishes the carbon dioxide equivalent into the air helping preserve the

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