Company Nova E: Ethical Factors Of Organizational Performance

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Organizational performance is a method within a company that is true to the goals and objective within their organizations; keeping in mind the organizations mission and vision statements and what the organization truly stands for with ethical performance standards. Organizations performance also serves a purpose for the organization to stay a brace of their financial indicators, advertising and marketing indicators, and the shareholder indicators. Another important factor for organizational performance is that an organization stands by all ethical factors within the organization internal, as well as externally to the community and consumers they serve. The organizations image rating can be affected if their performance is compromised in any …show more content…
We were able to maintain our goal to provide ethics and enforcement training, along with workforce diversity programs every year. With that it played a factor in assisting us with our image rating. Even though it decreased your return on equity and earning per share, a company is far better off offering such programs. This was offered to all employees, rather than just managers. By offering such a benefit across the organization to all employees’ it also shows integrity that the company not only is considered about the performance of the company, but that it also includes the employees themselves, which in turn around can increase performance in production. It regards to Company Nova’s E overall compensation did not pay a factor in producing additional production, but other factors played a part in that by also not offering enough brands in order for the production to higher, but we also paid some overtime. Either way I would not change the method of …show more content…
The two meaning s are jointed together in terms of the employees and how they are compensated through the organizations; organizational performance methods, goals, objective, and the organizations mission and vision statement. A company should have top strategy performance methods in order to prove to the employees that the company is dedicated not only to the overall aspects of the company, but the employees themselves. There are many options a company can offer the employees to total workforce compensation programs. If employees are not happy and getting compensated fairly the company will have a higher employee turnover rate, which will eventually affect production line of the company and will seek financial difficulties, possibly having to pay additional costs in overtime and new employee training, if the strategy method is

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