What Is The Main Goal Of A Performance Management System?

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1. What is Performance?
Performance is defined as the establishing a shared understanding about how and what is to be achieved, in accordance with the organisational targets. It is getting in line with the objectives and agreed measures, skills, competency to achieve targets, development plans and the delivery of results. It is always to be improved, learning and development is the most important need to keep up with the performance at all times.
2. KPI analysis: Read the scenario below
You are a manager of a new call centre team.
The call centre has 30 full time and 30 part time call centre consultants. The consultants are there to take calls from motorists whose vehicles have broken down. Consultants are the first voice that motorists
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The performance phase-explain how employees can effectively monitor their performance in order to meet or exceed established goals.
The reviewing phase- this shows how to lead review discussions and plan for future development.

5. What is the main goal of a Performance Management System?
The main objective of performance management system is to demonstrate how the employees contribute to strategic priorities and department or functional area goals. The performance management system must be able to identify most important areas of responsibility and develop measurable goals. Furthermore, it should create individual development plans to improve skills in target competencies. It is very important to monitor performance through specific tracking tools, provide coaching and feedback.

6. List the four groups who are involved in Performance Management?

There are four groups who are involved in performance management system:
Worker level- the skills, motivation, and actions of individuals and teams.
Work level- the design of work tasks and processes, especially cross functional
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Your manager calls you into his office and indicates that you have done a great job with the team. You need to call Mike in and give him some positive feedback on his performance.
Your task: Use the ‘Feedback CIRCLE’ to provide POSITIVE feedback to Mike? (Remember Mike is a real person and this is a real situation DO NOT give me theory – think about what you will say)
In the given scenario, I will conduct a personal meeting with Mike. Given that, Mike has shown improvement and tried to overcome the absenteeism problem, I will recognise his accomplishment and offer encouragement and support. Furthermore, I will announce Mike’s sincerity on the floor and give him a round of applause with other team members. I will skip the problem, which Mike has come over but appreciate him indirectly on something else, just not to disclose in front of the team.

10. Analyse the Problem Scenario
This question is practical application. Review the theory in the PowerPoint’s and read the case study. You need to show me you can take the theory and use the case study to make your

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