Ethical Issues In Long Term Care

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such as meals, bed time, entertainment, and visitors. Long term care facility should make sure that the living environment of the residents is pleasant and homelike. The facility should create more opportunities to do their own things like for example a choice in how they live as possible (Pratt, 2015, p. 110).
End-of-Life Issues It is very common in nursing facility to deal with death of their residents. The fact is that most of the residents in the long-term care facilities will live their till the day they die. Healthcare administrators and staffs of long term care facilities must be prepared to address the wishes of their residents to forgo life-sustaining treatment or to otherwise dictate how they want to spend the last few months of
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Many nursing staffs may see the decision to withhold nutrition or to withdraw a feeding tube as the denial of basic human care. This situation may be more comfortable for the staff if the patients are able to decide to withhold artificial nutrition and hydration. That is why it is important to have residents wishes and advance directives on file.
Angelique Home Care: Ethical Code of Conduct
Good Business Practice
Angelique Home Care leaders are expected to do their duties and responsibilities in good faith to the best of their ability and not to engage in any illegal activities. Leaders should act fairly to each member of the facility.
Laws and Regulations Angelique Home Care Leaders and staff are expected to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations federal, state, and local.
Coding and Billing
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It is the obligation of the organization to make sure that the admission agreements must be well understand by the families and the patients.
Implementation and Compliance of the Ethical Code of Conduct
• Angelique Home Care must promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law by conducting compliance program. To promote the culture of compliance, leaders must inform the employees about the code of ethics and compliance program. The facility must ensure that employees who witnessed any violation may feel safe to report such violation to the management. The compliance program must be reasonably designed, implemented, and enforced so that the program is generally effective in preventing and detecting criminal conduct.
• Leaders must ensure that there is an effective compliance and ethics program. The facility must appoint specific high level personnel for the program.
• Healthcare Administrator and the directors must practice reasonable oversights over the implementation and effectiveness of the program.
• Sufficient resources must be readily available in order to implement an effective

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