Essay On Ethical Dilemma

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1. I think the situation is an ethical dilemma because the leading candidate is the best candidate, but he is not a trustworthy person based on the writing service that he provides to other students. It is obviously that offering term papers for students is not the right thing to do. The service is ruining other students’ creativity and the purpose of education. Imagine if everyone buys and sells term papers, then no one should go to the library and spend hours to research and write papers because someone, like the leading candidate will do it. In addition, in a country where copyright and plagiarism are extremely got a lot of attention, the sellers of the service should know better that they should not even think of starting their illegal …show more content…
I think the Director of HR already knew about the unethical behavior of the candidate, but still asked me to consider hiring him. I would not consider the leading candidate at all given what he is doing. I think moral right and utilitarian views are very important factors to consider the ethical behaviors of a person. The behaviors should be accepted by a majority of people and it should bring the overall good to the greatest number of people to be considered ethical. In this case, the leading candidate actions seem to benefit him and his clients. At the same time, I wonder if the corporate culture of the hiring firm in this case can tolerate such an unethical person when the Director of the HR asked me to consider taking him in. In my opinion, HR is considered the face of the company. I was surprised to learn that the Director of HR did not terminate the application of the candidate given the fact about his current …show more content…
The corporate social responsibility influences my decision making to a degree in which my decision will not cause any harm to the stakeholders including employees and their family, stockholders and community. I would consider all employees that might be affected by my decision if anything might happen in the future. I would also consider the family of the employees, the company’s clients, the company’s stakeholders. The list will go on and on if my action might cause harm to other people. Fidelity is what I look for in a candidate. The “Ghost Writer” in this case is not a good fit for what I am looking for. I am not looking for anyone who can just get the job done. The candidate has to be someone I can trust to share the confidential information about the

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