Will Dolittle Violation

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Will Doolittle was a financial analyst at the corporate headquarters of Home Décor in Atlanta, Georgia. He was terminated for violating provision of the employee handbook. His violation included sending email to friends of a sexual nature and the use of Internet to play slot machine and other games. Doolittle believes his employer violated his right by monitoring his personal email and Internet use.
Employer authority to check email and Internet use has grown in the present time. In most state employee have limited right when it come to email and internet uses. The Court systems also side with employer when it comes to email and internet privacy. Doolittle entered into a at will employment when he started this job. In an at will employment employer doesn’t need a good cause to fire you. An at will employment is imply unless other stated in contract. Because of the above and the fact that in the employee handbook prohibited the violations that Doolittle committed in any court of law Doolittle wouldn’t have found any success.
Since Doolittle believe he was wrongfully terminated and his right has been violated he can go through the court
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At first look it seems as though Doolittle doesn’t have a leg to stand on in bring allegation against his former employer. The employee handbook and the fact that he is most likely in an at will relationship make any attempt at proving his right has been violated slim. His best attempt would be try and use discrimination against him. If Doolittle is able to prove that other do the same thing or worst and he was single out this could show unfair treatment from his former employer. Any other step that Doolittle may try to take will only lead to a waste of money of time. One case that I saw was Vernon vs British Columbia the company made numerous allegation against her but now where founded when they were in a court of

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