Jg Case Study

D.1. Recommendations
D.1.1. Physical
Ambient conditions
JG pleasant intangible cues is evident while entering and shopping in the store which increases customer likelihood of spending time in the store.
JG can enhance its ambient conditions to improve its competitiveness by creating its own distinctive ‘ambient scent’ that could influence customer perception to linger in the stores (Spangenbeng et al. 1996). A simple ambient scent such as citrus or floral can increase one’s cognitive processing, which is associated with better purchase behaviour (Herrmann et al. 2013)

Space function (layout, equipment, furnishing)
The crowding effect from JG complex layout can be offsetted by positioning shelves and product displays to maximise space for
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Emphasis on employee-customer interactions is a vital component in enhancing JG servicescape as it will improve JG’s competitiveness. JG should employ a more proactive in approaching customers. A simple greeting of hello and thank you goes a long way in giving a pleasurable experience to customers. These are customer oriented value that needs to be cultivated through employee training and setting it as JG culture.
Another recommendation to make JG a customer oriented, is to have aisle patrol assistant and in house promoter that is proactively assisting customer’s enquiries and needs. This interactive between the staff and customer will distinguish JG from other supermarket and have direct feedback from customers. This will contribute to customer loyalty.
JG should also employ a more diverse backgrounds of employees that have a strong communication with customers. As matching its strategy as a premium supermarket outlet, the quality of employee is important for customer satisfaction.
The recommendation for this social dimension is to improve JG’s customer to customer interaction (CCI). JG could enhance the CCI through promoting more sense of communities among JG customers, by making a more conducive place for customers to catch up at Fresco or its bakery café. The services, quality of food and ambience will be an attractive features for a waiting or catch up
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It is safe to say that if a local ethnic needs in cooking or food is well address in the store. However, in its international products, there are only certain ethnic food can be observed such as Mexican food products. However, other international products merely reflects imported brands from Europe and USA without any specific ethnic relations. We would recommend adding international products that reflect other ethnic such as Korean, Japanese , Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Arab and perhaps South African in their product range. These different foods that resembles different ethnic should be grouped in their own shelves and aisles. This will make it easier for customers to look for a particular ethnic cooking and food ingredients and also a separate shelving or aisle for this ethnic groups can be a place of educating customers of other ethnic cooking. A free pamphlets on ethnic famous dish/recipes would be a good way of introducing customers to new food experience. This a means of interacting with the

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