Is Not A Flaw? Essay

2414 Words Apr 11th, 2016 10 Pages
He doesn 't necessarily dislike being in public, but rather being noticed in public; something about being the focus of more than a couple gazes arrests his thoughts in mere seconds, and it 's frequently debilitating to recover from so he can make his escape. Usually, there 's nothing grand or conspicuous about him that draws the attention of more than a passing glance. He isn 't dressed extravagantly, but not poorly, either. Never does he allow his footfalls to sound an echo down the street, and rarely does he speak among the crowd either. It is when he 's reduced to a mere ebb in the flow of the populace that he feels most comfortable around other people, much how the weakest always feels at ease in the middle of the herd. However, his nearly constant company consists of two extremely famous, extremely flashy, celebrities that have such boisterous personalities that they could, and often do, distract from the busiest of agendas. It is not a flaw, just a character trait, and the problem is not inherently the trait itself. Rather, it is that his disposition and uncertainties do not align with the Diamonds ', and that is gradually deteriorating his confidence. He is used to participating in the consequences of the ebb and flow, not participating in their cause. To decline the company of the two brothers would not only be incredibly rude, but impossible; it has been months since they 've allowed him to wander about alone (at least, as far as they know), as for some reason…

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