Is Animal Testing Justified

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Between Life and Death

“The time will come when man such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”~Leonardo Da Vinci

Animal testing a heartless display of inhumane humans all around the world. The money and the use of animal testing mostly goes towards cosmetic use which is a trivial reason. There are alternative reasons as well making animal cruelty even more pointless. Along with alternatives, animals have no voicel. They can’t stand up for themselves making the malice even worse. Animal testing is used for multiple reasons. Most of these reasons make no sense and have no relevantness to what the scientists are researching.

Animal testing should not be legal because it is fiendish and cruel
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For human purposes, animal testing seems unreasonable and abusive because animals become blind, injured, and most often dead. These creatures can 't stand up, say or do anything to keep themselves safe from harm. There are many uses and much history to animal testing. With today’s technology though, animal testing can be prevented. Animal testing is not as reliable and effective as things that are in the world today are. With alternatives and other resources, why is animal testing still used?

While people use everyday things that animals die for, there is an alternative for the killings making the use of animal testing irrelevant. Animal testing is used not only for medical research but also for cosmetics and teaching. Though for these uses there are alternatives that can wipe out animal testing. “There are many non-animal test methods that can be used in place of tests on animals. Not only are these non-animal tests more humane, they also have potential to be cheaper, faster, and more relevant to humans.”
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Every year about 25 million animals are killed for biological research (Questions). That’s 100,000,00 paws. “The US Department of Agriculture does compile annual statistics on the number of dogs, cats, primates, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs (as well as some wild animals and, more recently, wild animals) used in research in the US.” (Questions). The USDA accounts for these animals. but not rats, mice, and other non-vertebrate animals. Each year thousands of animals are hurt and killed for products people use for their own selfishness. “Pain relief is rarely provided and the animals are always killed at the end of each test.” (Cosmetic). This is a sad truth. The animals are put out of their misery by being killed at the end of the test, but that wouldn’t have to happen if they weren’t put in misery in the first place. Alone in the US there are about 20 million animals used for teaching purposes (Animals Used). That’s more than the population of Florida. “Roughly half of them are killed and used for classroom dissection; others are tormented while they’re still still alive in classroom biology and psychology experiments and act apart in medical training drills.” (Animals used). Animal testing is used mainly for research. Though is it fair to use these innocent lives as a toy for human

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