Essay on Is Abortion Safe Sex?

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If you give a man a fishing pole that has never used one before and you tell him to fish not only will he not know how, but he won 't know what to do once he 's caught a fish. Similarly if boys and girls are not educated on how to practice safe sex and the various options they have should something go wrong then they won’t know what to do; they will more than likely take the easy way out which would be abortion. By offering free birth control and better educate not just women, but men on sex then we can decrease the amount of unintended pregnancies which could cause the abortion rate to lower. A nationwide program that educates young people of all races and sexualities how to practice safe sex is a better solution than a health class that has a curriculum that varies state to state and only teaches abstinence rather than practicing safe sex or simply offering birth control. Education in all areas of life is vital because ignorance is something that guarantees a serious consequence. The reality is that young kids are having sex at a really young age and they haven’t been equipped the necessary knowledge because of their parents’ religious, political, or personal beliefs and opinions. By not taking action in some form whether it be a nationwide sexual education program or making birth control more available the problem of abortion will only get bigger and at some point it will get to the point where nothing can be done.
When someone hears the word abortion they generally…

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