IOM Report Essay example

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Cheralee C. Seekatz
Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics

In 2010 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) generated a report making recommendations that outline progressive planning for the future of nursing. The Institute has responded to barriers and offers solutions to the rapidly changing healthcare model in light of the affordable care act (The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health, 2011). This paper will consider the impact of the IOM on nursing education, nursing practice and the nurse’s role as a leader. It will examine, what I believe to be positive
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With ever changing equipment, policies and technology, nurses are required to attend many hours of education and in-service mandated by their employer. They are required to attend staff meetings and if, as the IOM report calls for, they may also hold positions of leadership, attend board meetings, policy or union meetings: Time for school and advancing one’s degree may be very minimal. Even if an employer offers scholarships or tuition reimbursement, it may still be very difficult to afford time and money to attend school.
2. Making nurses as full partners may be very difficult in overcoming the tradition of a physician in this role. Physicians may feel threatened as nurses become more prominent and educated. They may feel that their roles are not of such importance, that nurses are “overstepping their bounds”.
3. Nurses as leaders; while relevant and necessary, again, disconnect the nurse from the bedside. Nurses who maintain leadership positions for too long may become out of touch with the quickly changing dynamics of the bedside. They often lose respect with their peers as they manage decisions from the comfort of an office. Leadership brings with it a certain amount of authority that could prevent honesty and true partnership in problem solving. To address these problems, I would propose several changes within my practice: 1) I would propose a partnership with a

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