Iom Report Essay

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According to American Nurses Association (ANA) “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities and prevention of illness and injuries, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, advocacy of care of an individual, families, communities and population”. Nurses are providing care in all different heath care settings like hospitals, nursing homes, schools, medical offices, natural disasters, immunization clinic, research centers, pharmaceutical research and or any health related emergency like Ebola outbreak.
Impact Of IOM Report On Health Care Practice
The Institute Of Medicine (IOM)
IOM (The Institute Of Medicine) is started in 1970. IOM is nonprofit, independent
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The health care system is advancing day by day so it is important of nurses to advance their knowledge in their discipline and competency to fit with requirements in dynamic health care system and that can be carried out by continuing education and specialization. The heath care profession facing problems and challenges when compare to pervious era, so the previous educational system and training given to the nursing students in past years is not enough to fulfill the demand of modern time. For the today’s need IOM report committee recommended:
1. Nurses should achieve higher education level to overcome the challenges. The nurses can enhance quality of care, become an effective good planner, patient educator and they can achieve their goal. The IOM report recommended increasing a person a BSN to 80% by the end 2010 (IOM report 2010).
2. IOM recommended residency program for new graduate nurses. According IOM report nurse residency program help to give new nurses skills which need on job and help to reduce problems and get better outcome. The study found hospital with residency program also more likely offer other training program. So many hospital has adopted this program successfully all over country.
The Impact Of IOM Report On Primary Care Primary care is focused on providing medical services to individual patients with immediate health need. This IOM committee identifies and analyzes previous and current efforts to

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