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Impact of the IOM report on Future of Nursing
Terry Garcia Grand Canyon University. NRS-430 April 13, 2014

Impact of the IOM report on Future of Nursing
After the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the congress, it has become clear that the whole health care system is in need of a major transformation. The future of the health care system is focused on health maintenance, disease prevention, and providing quality and affordable care to the public. Nurses are at the heart of this renovation. Institute of Medicine (IOM) in partnership with Robert Johnson Foundation, released the report The Future of Nursing:
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A BSN educated nurse holds a superior knowledge of community and public health, critical thinking, nursing research, and management in patient care compared to nurses with an Associates Degree (AND). Specific recommendations were made in the IOM report regarding advancing nursing education. The first one is developing opportunities for smooth transition from ADN to BSN degree, as well as from BSN to masters, PhD, and doctor of nursing practice degrees (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2010). The IOM report shows the way to support this transition by offering tuition reimbursement, expanding loans and grants for nursing students, and providing a salary differential. It also suggests increasing the numbers of BSN programs around the country that offer stress-free enrollment and online classes for the students. According to the IOM report, nurses must be engaged in lifelong learning to upkeep proficiency and undergo personal and professional growth. For nursing organizations the proposal is to cultivate and arrange nursing competences that will prepare nurses to meet the existing and upcoming health needs of the population (Herter, 2011).
Starting this program is a major step in my personal and professional development in order to meet the goals of the IOM report. The hospital where I am working has implemented the suggestions of the IOM report. The hospital provides continuous education classes through Health Stream online and

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