Investigating The Mix Matched Chemicals Essay

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The Case of the Mix-Matched Chemicals

Hypothesis: By measuring the pH of the unknown and known chemicals, the types of chemicals in the unknown bottles will become known.
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the type of chemicals that are inside the mislabeled bottles.
• pH strips
• 8 bottles of known chemicals: o silver nitrate o iron (III) nitrate o copper (II) nitrate o sodium iodine o sodium hydroxide o nitric acid o lead (II) nitrate o sodium carbonate
• 8 bottles of unlabeled chemicals the same contents as known chemicals
• 1 well tray
1. Place 7-10 drops of each chemical (known and unknown) into separate wells in the well tray.
2. Observe the different colors of the chemicals and record the colors that are similar.
3. Place a pH strip in each well and let it sit for 30 seconds.
4. Match the color to the corresponding color of the strip to the pH chart on the container.
5. Record the results of the pH of both the known and unknown chemicals in a table.
6. Match the pH of the unknown chemicals to the known chemicals. More than 2 chemicals with the same pH are to be set aside.
7. Rinse wells with soap and water.
8. Repeat step 1 with the chemicals set aside and add 1 drop of silver nitrate to each well.
9. Observe and record the results of the reaction to each chemical.
10. Match the reactions of the known chemicals to the unknown chemicals. Set the unmatched chemicals aside. Record the matches.
11. Add five…

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