Introduction to Project Management- Phase 1 Individual Project

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Introduction to Project Management
Instructor: Alexius Emejom
Phase 1 Individual Project
Joshua Stephens
Today's Date: 10/11/2012
Assignment Due: 10/15/2012


The Project

For my business, I decided to open up an up-scale designer clothing store. In the city I live, we have a good amount of clothing stores but almost all are found at the local malls. I plan to find a large unit that’s surrounded by many businesses along with steady traffic flow.
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A project charter is developed to define the scope of a project and to give detail on what all will be associated with the project. It can also contain such information as to who the project initiator is, who will be in charge of managing the project and each person in charge of the different phases of a project. It can also cover the time frame of the project by showing how much time it will take to complete the project. It’ll also project the budget and everything that will be considered for the completion of each task. Finally, it appoints a project manager and their duties as well as the person who gave approval for the project to be completed. (Project Management Institute. Inc., 2008)

Project Environment

The project environment has many factors such as cultural, social and physical environments. These factors would relate to the project because it would be opening a new restaurant clothing store in an area where several others are, but due to the type of clothing store, it would be the only of its kind in the area which will greatly stand out in a positive way. Other stores in the area can’t compete against my prices, nor carry the amount of products in stock like my store will. The key to my business is, “location, location, location,”.


General Management

The first step in the management process is the hiring

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