Essay about Introduction to Network Implementation

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Portfolio Assignment

ITS 315: Introduction to Networks
Mazen Alkhatib
December 23, 2012

Network Implementation

Over four months, a very short period of time, a small accounting firm grew from five employees to fifty. The existing network architecture could no longer support the exponential growth. Peer-to-Peer networks work very well in a small office environment. Once the ratio of employees exceeds around five employees resources, file storage and a plethora of other network disasters begin. The obvious solution was to recommend a change. As explained in the proposal the proposed upgrade from a peer-to-peer network architecture to client/server was an imminent necessity.
Cable Recommendation The accounting firm
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Figure B, illustrates a Figure [ A ]
Peer-to-Peer network and Figure A is the newer Client/Server architecture.
Figure [ B ]
Scope of Work. Based on our market research we’ve chosen the Dell™ 12th generation PowerEdge™ over HP’s 7th generation servers because they are up to 85% faster. Additionally, our IT closet is not air conditioned and this server can withstand temperatures up to 113°F (Dell , 2012). Windows Small Business Server 2011 accommodates up to 75 users. This Small Business Server addresses our storage accessibility issues by providing more powerful online collaboration that allows users to edit and share documents from anywhere. It also includes automatic backup and restore capabilities and improved Outlook Web Access that will allow us to communicate better and faster with our clients. Over time research has shown us that “wired (or Ethernet) networks are said to be extremely reliable, economical, secure, and easy to

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