Essay about Introduction Of The Sugar Free Bar

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Entry Point- our entry point is that the sugar free bar will be the first one in the market furthermore it’s coming from a very reliable chocolatier which gives us a good advantage According to a recent study produced by (Nicholas Robinson) “Confectionairy sales to ride despite sugar health fears” He predicts that sales will grow 8.6% larger in the UK by 2019. And the market to be valued at £6.64 billion.

We will be operating as a business to business operation because we want to sell this product in bulk to other retailers with it ending up with the consumer. We will be generating our income through the amount of sales we make.

Who’s your customer and the benefits of targeting our consumer? The target market I’m aiming to sell the chocolate bar too is the customers that buy our products now. With this being the first of it’s kind I’m expecting it to become very popular in a short time period. The benefit of using our own customers is we don’t have to spend lots of money on advertising and promotion costs.

All age groups Lower, middle and upper class people. The reason our target market is so vast is due to the wide rang of products we offer.

Customer Analysis- Consumers of Cadbury are from all segments and people from all age groups consume biscuits, chocolates and beverages but it is the growing middle income group as well as the youngsters who form the major customer segment.

DESCRIBE YOUR PRODUCT – General overview

The bar is well designed but…

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