Mercedes Benz Case Study

Register to read the introduction… In the long run, and as the years passed, the name of the company was growing and was spreading worldwide. Getting the consumer to receive and get a good image of the company, that so, the market penetration will be much more positive. Comparing the situation with an another company like Ford in those days in which the variety and choices in the car market was so small and having just a few alternatives, Mercedes-Benz saw his chance to get with one of the highest positions of that market. Where they remain even nowadays. Market Penetration: They began their penetration in the market offering dairy products, yogurts, and cheeses of good brand. They started in 1989 being two separate companies that would gather together in a cooperative way in 2004 when the queen of Holland gave them a nickname of "Royal". They started to get known worldwide, including countries of south and west Europe, southern Asia, north Africa, etc… Comparing their products with others they were offering a whole new type of dairy products famous in the Netherlands but unknown outside of their country. They saw a hole inside of that market so they decided to make profit of …show more content…
Also, I have to mention 4 different limitations, within 2 for each of the businesses I’ve chosen.


Data Protection: When Mercedes-Benz sells a car to a new customer they make an arrangement between the customer and the Mercedes car dealer. They save inside of their database all kind of private information about the customer; they are not allowed to share this one with any other car-dealers or companies.

SOGA: This law requires Mercedes-Benz to use marketing just in one way, the correct way. They can't sell a product of which they are promoting improperly. For example, they cannot say that their new car goes from 0 to 100 km an hour in 2 seconds if it really goes in 3 and half seconds.


Pressure groups: If FrieslandCampina brings out a new dairy product based on an endangered fruit, there will be some pressure organizations that won't let them bring out their product because they're always trying to protect all kind of species.

Consumer Protection (Distance Selling): When they opened a new web shop they had to offer the consumer the correct information, in which they're explaining the services that they do provide, the type of products that they are offering or selling, the different type of payment and delivery arrangements,

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