Intro to Philosophy Essay

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Introduction to Philosophy Essay

There are many reasons one should study philosophy. The study of philosophy can ultimately change the way a person lives and unlock some deep questions about the meaning of their life. Questions you ask yourself such as why you are doing the things you are doing or where your life is heading or what you want to become in life can be answered throughout the study of a philosophy course. Understanding philosophy is the key in motivating us as individuals to explore life’s most challenging issues. Moreover, learning to understand philosophy will help you to become more open-minded, thoughtful, attuned to life in general, more of a critical thinker, and less accepting of simplistic answers. Philosophy can
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8) Epictetus observes that the philosophical process is powered by conflict bringing divergent opinions together into a dynamic interaction. Questions such as “Which ideas make most sense?” “Which are clearer?” “Best supported?” can all be approached using the Socratic Method developed by Socrates which is characterized by relentless questioning, clear definitions, dialectical analysis, and critical evaluation. The ultimate goal of philosophy is to improve the quality of life by enlightening our minds. It seems to me that philosophy is a direct result of a culture’s influence just as culture is highly dependent upon philosophy. One cannot exist without the other. Culture nurtures our thought process as we tend to compare certain philosophies with what we already know. Our thoughts are conditioned by our environment such as family, friends, school, neighborhood, etc. When culture and philosophy are in sync with each other, it tends to make it easier to believe in certain things such as religion or genetics. The major philosophical area of inquiry that best describes me would have to be wonder. I feel that throughout my life I was constantly asking the question, “why?” Ever since I was a child I was always interested in knowing how something worked and why it worked the way it did. I have always been a curious individual and always explored situations with asking questions in hopes of

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