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Introduction Jetstar Airlines was established by Australian company named Qantas in 2003 as a low-cost domestic carrier. Jetstar carried its first domestic passengers in 2004, and commenced its international services to New Zealand in 2005. The flight of Jetstar’s airline enter into the Asian region such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Vietnam. The Jetstar value based carriers providing all day every day low fares across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. This essay will discuss how Jetstar’s position its product in the market.

Market Segmentation Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market up into different groups of customers, in order to create different products to meet their specific needs. The
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In the other hand, this segment was ambitious, wisely on using a product. Comparing to Jetstar’ vision, segment B are in line.

Values Sought by segment “B” The values sought by individuals in the “Busy Ants” segment are as of the follow: * Affordable price * Easy ticketing access * Promotion * Safety flight * Good foods and drinks quality * Air hostess friendliness * Knowledge met expectation

Perceptual Map


The perceptual map illustrates Jetstar’s positioning on the dimensions of personality and price against its main competitors AirAsia X and Scoot. Based on the positioning, price differentiation is minimal among the LCCs. Jetstar’s imperative is to be visible to consumers. It has already lost out on first mover advantage in the budget airline market and therefore has to compete on a niche where it can be first. It is a sign that Jetstar can position itself based on price while all LCCs position themselves based on brand image. This would be a substitute feature or dimension to justify for a lower priced airfares even when extra in-flight features and services are taken out to reduce flight costs. Jetstar is striving for a differentiated niche using brand elements. The brand at heart conveys freshness, youthfulness, dynamicity and

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