Intro of Psychology Essay

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Introduction to Psychology Worksheet

Complete each part with 100- to 200-word responses. Your responses must total 500 to 800-words for the entire worksheet.

Part I: Origins of Psychology

Within psychology, several perspectives are used to describe, predict, and explain human behavior. Describe three major psychological perspectives and name at least one leading theorist for each.

Three major psychological perspectives are behavioral, sociocultural, and cognitive. The behavioral perspective views behavior as the result of environment experience. Environmental experience is basically all of a person’s life experiences that they have been subjected to in the past, and also the new experiences
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Include strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Some research methods used by psychologists is exploratory research, constructive research, and empirical research. Exploratory research helps to identify and to define a problem or a question, conducted for a problem that hasn’t been clearly defined. The research is mainly to give details wherever little information is. In order to get more information it may take many methods like interviews, experiments, or any other tactics. Constructive research is a common computer science research method. It’s the second step in research methods. Constructive research is based around the area of theory, hypothesis and case studies, being used to test a theory. Empirical research proves a theory and it shows that it is a fact and not just a hypothesis.
Part III: Ethics in Research

Describe two ethical issues related to research. Why is informed consent necessary for ethical research?

There are early studies on medicine and experiments with psychology that did not warn participants about the different dangers or the different side effects that a procedures may have had. People were given lots of medicine and weren’t told about the effects that came with it. That is one’s ethical issue because the medicine wasn’t researched and therefore the side effects were unknown. Another ethical issue is confidentiality. Participants and data that is gained from them have to be kept anonymous unless they

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