Ethical Practices In Nursing Essay

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Nurses as important health service providers in the health care system, are required to give care to patients based on ethical values or established standards. Nurses therefore requires ethical knowledge in order to manage situations and give safe and proper care. By using this framework, nurses seek the best way of taking care of patients while respecting values and beliefs, and in the process, establish a therapeutic nurse/client relationship. Nurses also require successful collaborative practices that facilitate better patient outcomes. After exploring the story of the patient Jane Doe(patient X) and her relationships with her healthcare professionals, I now understand that using ethical practices to respect the client’s values and beliefs, and working in a collaborative atmosphere is an important and efficient way to care for a client.
Promoting a clients well-being is an effective practice that makes the client’s health and prevents or removes harm. As a nurse, it is essential to differentiate between your views of what
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It is important that a client is able to feel comfortable with their health care professional in order to reach the best outcomes. Research argues that a person who is in need of nursing care is a vulnerable human being. This vulnerability shapes the nursing care process from the beginning and transforms it into an ethical process (Gastmans, 2013). The ethical essence of nursing is the provision of care in response to the vulnerability of a human being in order to maintain, protect, and promote his or her dignity as much as possible (Gastmans, 2013). Nurses should provide care in response to the client’s vulnerability in order to provide the best care. Good nursing care aims at the enhancement of the dignity of the human person in all his or her dimensions and also succeeds in realizing this intention in practice (Gastmans,

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